Basic Height Industry

Basic Height Industry


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Basic Training Height 1 day (04/23/2018) ………. 

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Basic Height Industry 8h

The works in height are all those that must be executed to more 2 meters of height, there are many sectors that need that their technicians have this formation, like for example:

Works on scaffolding, roofs, stairs, wells, poles, manholes, etc.

In order to be able to carry out these works, it is essential to have the basic training of works in heights, which is separated into 2 groups.


BASIC HEIGHT 8 HOURS : For technicians who need an initial and basic training of work at heights.

Theoretical-practical course:

  • Applicable legislation.
  • Individual protection equipment: Pre and post – operative use and basic inspection
  • Fall factor
  • Harness syndrome
  • Safe transit through lines of life.
  • Use of anchor points
  • Practice with retention system
  • Descent / ascent with hooks + energy absorbers
  • Demonstration of rescue on ladder
  • Temporal LDV
  • Trafficable roof
  • EPI’S Review
  • Access to stairs
  • Rescue and evacuation

2 hours of theory and 6 of practice.



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